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Hey there!

My name is Edgar Meza (owner of Edgar Meza Photography). I am a local photographer and Digital Artist out of Garden City Kansas and the surrounding area. My services include shooting portraits, real estate, cars, and many other genres. 

My Goal is to bring something new to SW Kansas, Not just something different. I want to offer something truly unique. My work is inspired by photographers and creatives from many parts of the world. Through their work I've developed my own style and the necessary skills which allowed me to not only capture stunning photographs, but to also create beautiful artistic images for my clients. For me, photography isn't about only capturing moments. It's about capturing them beautifully and creating a work of art in the process.  You see, taking the photo is just the beginning. It is the creative process that takes place after that takes those moments captured and transforms them into stunning images worthy of printing. 

Portraiture and digital art are my biggest passions and one of the things that I want to introduce to SW Kansas is Composite Photography also known as Fine Art Photography (a combination of photography and digital art). Combining both art forms opens the door to so many creative avenues.  Maybe you want your photo taken but you want to transform it into an epic movie poster or maybe you want to turn into your favorite super hero. With composite photography the possibilities are truly endless. 

When you book your photoshoot with me you'll always experience attention to detail and the highest quality possible.  Your photographs are not edited with quick presets that are applied with a simple touch of a button. Every photograph is carefully analyzed, professionally retouched, and treated as if it were a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece.

If you're looking for photographs that are more than just photographs, you've come to the right place!


Let's create something together!