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Welcome to our Environmental Portraits package!


We Live in an age where businesses are judged by their online identity. An outdated website with a photo of you (the business owner) and your staff in front of a boring background is definitely not how you capture the attention of potential clients/customers.  


With modern portraits we photograph you in your own environment. Whether you are a fitness trainer, an office manager, a doctor, we can use the environment you are comfortable with to capture you at your best. This technique allows us to concentrate on the creative process rather than playing around with boring backdrops.  

What you get! 

  • Pre-Photoshoot meeting to get to know you, learn about your interests and understand what kind of photos you need. 

  • You are not limited to just one look so If you want to change your outfit between photos, you can do that!  

  • Photoshoot will take place on location. 

  • You will receive 6 professionally retouched photos (per person) ready to download and share via OneDrive cloud storage (additional files can be purchased a la carte at $15 per file). 

  • Print release for your photos. 

  • Price: STARTING AT $275 for a single individual and an additional $75 per person fee after that.  

Environmental Portraits! (Recap) 

  • Price: STARTING AT $400 plus an additional $75 per person fee

  • Pre-photoshoot meeting 

  • Outfits: Outfit changes are optional 

  • Location: On location  

  • Files: 6 professionally retouched high resolution digital photos 

  • Print release for your photos 

Note: A deposit of $200 is due at the time of booking. If you choose to cancel your booking, you will receive a full refund with the exception of a $30 retainer fee. Full payment is due before photos are released.

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