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Introducing the Epic Athlete Ambassador Program with Edgar Meza Photography!

Are you a high school athlete with a passion for sports and a love for capturing unforgettable images? Are you looking to take your game to the next level and showcase your athletic prowess in style? Well, get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey as we present you with an incredible opportunity to become an ambassador for Edgar Meza Photography!

Get ready to elevate your athletic career to new heights with our exclusive program designed to recognize and celebrate your talent. We are searching for the most exceptional high school athletes who possess not only remarkable skills but also a keen eye for the art of photography. As an Epic Athlete Ambassador, you'll become a part of a dynamic and elite team that knows how to dominate both on and off the field!

So, what's in it for you?  You'll receive access to free, personalized photoshoots with none other than Edgar Meza. Imagine capturing your intense dedication, raw passion, and your love for the game in a way that's never been done here in Southwest Kansas!

But that's not all! You'll also receive a collection of stunning, high-resolution images from each photoshoot. These images will be exclusively yours to keep, allowing you to showcase your athletic prowess in a way that will leave your followers awe-inspired. Share them on your social media accounts, watch the likes and comments pour in, and become an influential force both within the sports community and beyond.

But wait, there's more! Prepare to be amazed by the added perks of being an Epic Athlete Ambassador. Gain exposure to an extensive network of like-minded athletes, inspiring coaches, and industry professionals who share your passion for excellence. Forge invaluable connections, unlock doors to exciting opportunities, and open up a world of possibilities for your future athletic endeavors.

As an ambassador, you'll also have the chance to collaborate with other incredible athletes, take part in exclusive events, and even feature in Edgar Meza Photography's promotional materials, showcasing your unique journey and becoming a source of inspiration for others.

Join us as we redefine the art of capturing athletic brilliance and turn your dreams into reality. Elevate your game, leave an indelible mark on the world of sports, and become an integral part of the Epic Athlete Ambassador Program with Edgar Meza Photography.


Are you ready to embark on this epic adventure? Apply now and get ready to #CaptureGreatness like never before!

So what are the requirements?

We like to keep things simple!  All you have to do is follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram), Enjoy free photoshoots, and share all of your photos on your social media.

The goal is to get the word out there so that other athletes like you here about us and about the style of photography and services we offer. 

All you have to do, is show off a little!


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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