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Imagination Series | The Unexplained

Hey guys!

I know it's been quite a while since I’ve posted a new blog and a lot of it has to do with how crazy 2020 was. With that being said, I’m back and ready to share with you a behind the scenes into my artwork. Let’s Go!!!

“The Unexplained” The title of this creation explains everything perfectly. My main goal was to create something that was open to interpretation. Instead of me giving you the full story, I wanted you to tell your own story in the end. I provided enough elements so that your mind had enough information to create it’s own path and I hope that I delivered.

Now, before you continue reading, I suggest you stop and take a look at “The Unexplained” because I’m about to mention some of the key elements and I really don’t want to detour your imagination.

The Key Elements

Mood: When I first started brainstorming this project, I knew I wanted to give this piece a darker look. I decided to go with a wooded country road with cool tones to give the illusion that it was a winter night.

Main Subject: I wanted the main subject to be a young girl (possibly a teenager). I didn’t want her to be alone so I gave her the perfect companion. I gave her a dog. I felt having a dog in the photo would add more emotion and help you relate to the scene with a little more ease and of course, I wanted to trigger the emotions.

The Vehicle: I knew I wanted to go with an older truck. I thought this would give the mind (your mind) more avenues for creativity. Think of the truck as a time stamp. A place in time.

The Little Things: I included subtle details like the birds in the background, the fog absorbing the light coming from the headlights of the truck to give it more realism and depth.

What's Your Story

So you've made it this far and I'm super thankful that you stuck around. Now that we're here why don't we make this a little more fun! How about we make a Facebook contest out of it? Deal? Alright!

So this is how its going to work. Now that I've given you some of the key elements that went into creating the "Unexplained", I'd like to hear your take on the story. All you have to do is write a short story (no longer than a paragraph or two) and either posted in the comment section of Facebook or send it via messenger through my Facebook page. The person with the best story is the winner!

The winner will take home a free Large 16x20 or 13X19 Copy of "The Unexplained".

We will announce the winner on Saturday January 16, 20201.


Interested in purchasing a print? I've provided an embedded link below for your convenience.

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