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Imagination Series | Lost Flight

Welcome to another Imagination Series blog post featuring one of my pieces from my Jurassic Collection titled ”Lost Flight”.


“Lost Flight” was inspired by 7 year old me. I remember how excited I used to get when our class made a trip to the library. I knew as soon as I got there, that I was going to hit the dinosaur section. Books about dinosaurs were always intriguing to me but nothing amazed me more than when “Jurassic Park” released in theaters. That movie took my imagination for a ride and ever since then, I’ve been hooked on dinosaurs.

The Concept

The original concept for this piece was to have a boy (about 8 years old) woken up by turbulence after a long nap. A little shaken, he rubes his eyes with both hands to clear his eyes. He then looks out the window and as the clouds clear slowly, he’s sees a huge wing poking through the clouds slowly inching towards the plane. As more clouds clear, more of the scene is revealed and it becomes obvious that their flight has become lost. Well, I obviously didn’t go with that concept. Instead I wanted to leave a little more room for your imagination to do it’s thing. Now you get to be the person looking it the window!

Here's how you can pick up your own copy

This particular project is very popular for the dinosaur fanatics out there. Especially young kids who are in love with the Jurassic theme. If you are interested in owning your own copy of this print, it is now available for sale in different sizes and materials. For me the sweetsop is always the 16x20 option because it’s not so big and not too small.

I hope you enjoyed this quick read!

Grab your own copy by shopping below:

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