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OFF CAMERA NEWS | New Blog Series!

Welcome to the new "Off Camera News" blog. I created this blog to update you guys on everything that’s happening with Edgar Meza Photography. This is where I’ll announce giveaways, new services, events, and much more!

My goal from here on out is to communicate with you guys on a more consistent basis through my blogs and through social media outlets. I have so much more to offer as a photographer and as a creator to our community, and I look forward to showcasing what true high-end creative photography is all about!

With all that out of the way, I have a new blog series called "The Shoot" that I will be introducing in the coming weeks. In this series, I’ll be breaking down some of my favorite photoshoots with you guys to dive a little deeper into the creative process and it will also give me the opportunity to shout out some of the awesome models I get to work with.

And now, let’s all get back to work! Or not lol!

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